Lukewarm pockets.


Some boxes of Hot Pockets were recalled after their maker said they found some of the sandwich meat came from the Northern California slaughterhouse that was closed this month during a federal investigation into unsanitary meat. Shocking! Hot Pockets contain meat?


Lukewarm pockets. — 6 Comments

  1. With the Olympics in Sochi over, my wife and I are at loose-ends. “Wanna have sex?” she asked me. “Why?” I said. “I need a good laugh,” she replied.

  2. A 3-year-old Arizona girl’s IQ is so high she joined that brainiac society, Mensa. She’s not your average little girl … Her two favorite dolls are Barbie and Stephen Hawking.

  3. Kiss’ Rock And Roll Hall of Fame performance has been canceled after a dispute among original band members. The dispute got really ugly when Gene Simmons gave two band members a tongue-lashing that nearly put them in the hospital.

  4. A science teacher, 30, was arrested for seducing a student,14, into sex with dirty texts she sent. She wasn’t a very good science teacher–she insisted they make love on the Periodic Table.

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