Lukewarm pockets. — 6 Comments

  1. With the Olympics in Sochi over, my wife and I are at loose-ends. “Wanna have sex?” she asked me. “Why?” I said. “I need a good laugh,” she replied.

  2. A 3-year-old Arizona girl’s IQ is so high she joined that brainiac society, Mensa. She’s not your average little girl … Her two favorite dolls are Barbie and Stephen Hawking.

  3. Kiss’ Rock And Roll Hall of Fame performance has been canceled after a dispute among original band members. The dispute got really ugly when Gene Simmons gave two band members a tongue-lashing that nearly put them in the hospital.

  4. A science teacher, 30, was arrested for seducing a student,14, into sex with dirty texts she sent. She wasn’t a very good science teacher–she insisted they make love on the Periodic Table.

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