Has that star morphed into a ring yet? — 8 Comments

  1. A cat is returning to health after it was found under the hood of a customer’s car at a Winnipeg garage. I wonder why the customer brought his car to a repair shop when the engine was purring like a kitten?

  2. A man who groped Sarah Hyland’s chest at a Modern Family after-party in Sydney, Australia has been charged with assault with an act of indecency– which is a Class DDD felony.

  3. A 13-year-old Girl Scout sold lots of cookies after setting up shop in front of medical marijuana dispensaries in California. She was only outsold by a Girl Scout who set up shop outside the Governor’s Mansion in New Jersey.

  4. I dozed off as I was watching a movie about the life of Woodrow Wilson last night. I fell asleep right after he was elected governor of New Jersey and when I woke up he was declaring war on Germany! And all Chris Christie did was close a couple ramps to the George Washington Bridge.

  5. Porsche ordered 911 GT3 owners to stop driving their 2014 cars immediately due to fire risk … They say, with the popularity of Tesla, you never know when one is going to hit you. 

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