Bruce Almighty!


According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner has gone through radical physical changes including growing out his hair and nails and he seems to be growing breasts. Furthermore, he has been seen hanging out in the Lakers locker room. It won’t be long before he is Bruce Trans-Jenner.


Bruce Almighty! — 11 Comments

  1. Pope Benedict has been retired a year now. So what does a retired Pope do that a working Pope can’t? Wear Star Wars tights under his vestments.

  2. NBC Olympics host Bob Costas has booked off due to an infection that has now spread to both his eyes. Did he not hear the hotel clerk say, “Do not wash your face with the brownish water coming out of the tap”?

    Costas would have left Sochi to be treated at home, but the only available flights out midweek from Russia were “Red-Eyes” to Los Angeles and Chicago.

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