Olympic eater, this one. — 16 Comments

  1. A third-grade teacher asked her female students what they thought of the youthful snow-boarders blazing trails for women at the Sochi Olympics. “I definitely want to learn to turn some tricks!” little Jessie replied.

  2. Just a few of the take-offs on my name in 78 years, Bill: crust, toast, wet bun, soggy muffin, jelly roll, onion roll, French toast, wet loaf, stale bagel…I complained about the name to a relative whose family didn’t Anglicize it, left it Dutch (Druckenbrod). He told me:”Just be glad no one calls your wife a drunken broad.”

  3. Al Roker is really upset that New York City mayor Bill de Blasio kept schools open during this latest snowstorm. Apparently Al had an exam that he didn’t study for and was hoping for a snow day.

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