Best Olympic joke. At least so far! — 7 Comments

  1. The McGruff the Crime Dog actor has been sentenced on drug charges. I’m devastated. What next?–Smokey the Bear arrested for arson?

  2. According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner has gone through radical physical changes including growing out his hair and nails and he seems to be growing breasts. Furthermore, he has been seen hanging out in the Lakers locker room. It won’t be long before he is Bruce Trans-Jenner.

  3. American Sage Kostenburg debuted a brand-new trick to win the snowboard slopestyle. Reportedly, snowboard tricks aren’t the only tricks being turned at the Sochi Olympics.

  4. PETA is trying to apply for a 10-foot roadside tombstone to honor chickens who died in truck crash. The inscription on the tombstone should be RIP–Roast in Pan.

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