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  1. A man who claims to have shot and killed two Bigfoot specimens in Texas in 2012 said he is taking the adult corpse to Arizona to start a public tour. The last time time there was a public tour of a corpse was when Keith Richards toured with the Rolling Stones.

  2. No Bill, I went to Berkeley High, or got high after I got there, not sure due to the blur factor of all the years and all that orange sunshine (insider ex-acid head joke). For the record, I’ve never been to San Rafael, High or otherwise.

  3. NY Giants QB Eli Manning has been accused of selling fake “game-worn” Super Bowl jerseys and other memorabilia in order to keep the originals for himself. Well, at least this is one problem that will never befall Tony Romo.

  4. hahaha Janice!!!! Will Jerry start ever start selling game worn suits?

    Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are suing the team for violating labor laws by not even paying them as much as $5 per hour for time spent working. “You can do that?”, asked CFL players.

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