Anchorman II had a real anchor.

JERRY W says:

Paramount Pictures has announced that as of today they will only be releasing movies in the digital format to theaters. A spokesman for Paramount said that “Anchorman II” was our last 35mm film release, and it sank so fast we might as well have done a solid lead release.

In a related story Paramount executives are said to be using public screenings of “Anchorman II” as a place to go when they want to be alone.


Anchorman II had a real anchor. — 19 Comments

  1. I’m trying sell my wife on a 70″ TV to watch figure skating during the Sochi Winter Olympics. We could test it out and get it properly tweaked during the Super Bowl…

  2. Walmart said it would lay off about 2,300 Sam’s Club employees in an effort to streamline management. Severence package will include a ten-pound jar of olives.

  3. Kobe Bryant said he will not play in the upcoming NBA All-Star game. Hard to believe, but when it comes to the All-Star game, Kobe will pass.

  4. Three officers were suspended for escorting Justin Bieber to strip clubs in Miami. The good news is Bieber gave them ten percent of the tips he received.

  5. Prince Charles revealed that he and Camilla were delivered by same doctor. So apparently, Prince Charles and Camilla were both delivered by a veterinarian.

  6. Two teenage boys were busted for stealing 15,000 dollars worth of underwear from Victoria Secret. Apparently, it wasn’t just Victoria that had a secret.

  7. Bummed that I couldn’t go bowling in Ft. Lee, NJ this afternoon. The bowling alley was too crowded due to several lanes being closed.

  8. Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor invited women to join the Republican Party where he promised they “won’t be a victim of their gender.” He also promised every Republican woman was 100% free-range and grass-fed.

  9. With so many NFL players with arrest records, today’s game should be called the Pro-Con Bowl. (Co-writing credit to my funny friend, Woodrow Gray)

  10. Publishers Clearing House is offering a prize of one million dollars a year “forever.” Does that mean you CAN take it with you?

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