Was she wearing a New Jersey? — 13 Comments

  1. Florida – A retired police captain shot the guy in front of him at the movies when he refused to stop texting. The last person who got shot in a Florida theater was the guy sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman.

  2. Statistically, women say they can keep a secret for about 48 hours before telling someone. Men usually forget whatever the secret was by then.

  3. Either Chris Christie knew about the GW Bridge closure and did nothing about it, which makes him a cretinous toad; or he didn’t know about the GW Bridge closure, which makes him a flipping idiot. And nobody thinks Chris Christie is a flipping idiot.

  4. Due to the law of inverse realities, two wrongs do make a left. Therefore the plane and luggage were left at the right airport.

  5. A Harley donated to Pope Francis and signed by him on the tank will be auctioned for charity next month. It’s equipped with all the latest gadgets a modern Pope would need … Saddlebags carrying a flagon of organic consecrated wine, digital host dispenser, and a Dr. Scholl’s foot washing spa.

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