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  1. It’s the time of year for the “IN & OUT” lists. Charcoal is in, black is out, that type of stuff. At our house, celibacy is in, and sex is out.

  2. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Canadians thinking “good, now if Justin Bieber and Rob Ford would only do the same”

  3. Shirley McLaine was a recipient at the Kennedy Center Honors telecast on CBS. Fittingly, one of the sponsors was Nine Lives.

  4. Taylor Swift was named the most charitable celebrity in 2013. In the first six months alone, she gave 20 guys the opportunity to date her.

  5. It’s all about the “spin” you put on things. My blonde cousin insists she isn’t a prostitute. “I’m just into ‘crowd-funding,'” she relates.

  6. Some Canadian researcher claims that sex is exercise … Only if it’s like that Urban Cowboy song, “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”

  7. Outgoing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $650 million of his own money improving the city during his 12 years in office. Equally impressive was what real estate impresario Donald Trump spent $650 million on in the past 12 years … Roadkill Toupees.

    Ted Cruz doesn’t want to be a Canadian anymore … He’s so hot to be 100% American he’s gotten himself a Duck Dynasty tattoo: “America. Love it or wreck it.”

    It’s New Years Day and Miley has Twerked the ball down in Times Square, Vin Scully has Marshalled the Rose Parade and as usual, Charlie Sheen has covered the first bowl of the day …The toilet bowl. Was he ever sick!

    America’s population has stopped growing and the economy is to blame, says the Census Bureau … Seems the only “it” Americans are lovin’ anymore is McDonald’s Dollar Menu.

  8. The US Marine Corps has postponed its new physical fitness standard for women because most apparently can’t do pull ups. Funny isn’t it–women in the military can’t do pull ups and NBA players can’t do pull outs.

  9. Barack Obama is vacationing again in Hawaii. With all the leis you get in Hawaii, I’m surprised Bill Clinton didn’t vacation there.

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