Plastic money? Credit Cards? — 5 Comments

  1. I like seasonal tunes as much as the next guy, but having my wife hum “Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Christmas” in bed is disconcerting.

  2. This guy from Oregon ran out of gas, swiped some from the car next to him, poured the gas into his car, lit a cigarette, set himself and both cars on fire, then got arrested … Big surprise, his name ISN’T “Romo.”

  3. An Italian man was arrested after he allegedly drove a vehicle into the gates of the French president’s Elysee Palace. There was an immediatesurrender–and the Italian man gave up too.

  4. A cruise ship got trapped in ice near Antarctica. Incredibly, it was suppose to be a cruise to Tahiti. The captain should never have used Apple Maps.

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