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  1. Mississippi State was fined $25,000 by the SEC for violating the league’s “artificial noisemaker” policy. The fine stems from a fan tradition of showing up at games with cowbells, which can only be used at “approved times.” So alas I guess it’s true, you CAN have too much cowbell.

  2. Kim Jong UN’s father’s brother’s last words?
    Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!
    (Rough translation from Korean, he may have said mo-fo’s instead of monkey’s)

  3. I met a dud of a woman on a computer dating site. Believe me, after one disastrous date, I told that Old Maid to Go Fish!

  4. Scientists in Germany have created a robotic sperm delivery system to aid in fertilisation. It’s based on Domino’s … If your cow is not pregnant within 30 minutes, your embryo is free.

  5. You know, Will, they say you have to be careful with dating websites. If you don’t use the right protection you can get a nasty virus.

    How do you date a website, anyway?

  6. Critics of Rob Ford tried to deliver wheelbarrows full of coal to the mayor’s office. I’m surprised Ford didn’t accept the coal–he could have burned it and snorted the ashes.

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