What a nut! — 14 Comments

  1. Eight tech officials, including CEO’s from Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Google, wrote a letter to Obama and Congress calling for curbs to NSA surveillance. Apparently they want the surveillance left to the corporate sector.

  2. The EPA’s highest paid employee has been found guilty of defrauding the government by not working. He convinced gullible EPA officials that he was working on secret missions for the CIA which enabled him to avoid showing up at the office for months at a time. You would think EPA officials of all people would know when someone’s blowing smoke.

  3. Over 1 million Michelin tires have been recalled for rapid air loss. In a related story, over 1 million Dallas Cowboys fans are equally deflated.

  4. A man in China who had his hand severed in a work accident, has successfully had it re-attached after it was connected directly to his ankle for a month before the operation. He should have worked in a freak show–he would have made money hand over foot.

  5. You can tell when someone’s on a diet this time of year. The don’t have whipped cream on their third piece of pumpkin pie.

  6. “Why does everything have to be sexual with you?” my wife demanded.
    “What?” I replied. “I just said I’d like to play Santa and slide into your chimney.”

  7. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is in deep doodoo for stating on the air that Jesus and Santa are Caucasian. Makes sense, why else would Bing Crosby be singing that he’s dreaming of a White Christmas?

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