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  1. James was laid off from his job working as a ventriloquist in a circus side show, so he went to his friend and told him he needed to find work quickly. 
His friend said, “Because of computer generated sound effects, there’s not much work for ventriloquists anymore, but there’s always plenty of work for psychics.” So James went home, read a book on psychics, and hung a psychic sign outside his house. Within an hour, a woman knocked on the door and said, “I want to talk to my deceased Bernie, how much will it cost me?”. James replied, “If you just talk to him, it’s $25.00 but if he talks to you it’s going to be $50.00. Now, if you want to talk to each other while I’m drinking a glass of water, that will be $75.00”.

  2. Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly File on Fox News channel, has created a storm of controversy by declaring Santa and Jesus are white. I don’t know about Jesus, but Santa is definitely a Clauscasian.

  3. To prevent serious injuries, Major League Baseball has voted to ban home plate collisions. The ban will be lifted when Prince Fielder retires.

  4. A North Carolina mom filed a lawsuit after her son was sent home from the hospital dead in a taxi. The cab driver was also upset cause he got stiffed.

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