Does this crack you up? — 10 Comments

  1. A 10-year-old Georgia boy was suspended from school after he pretended to shoot an imaginary arrow at a friend. Weird. But not as weird as this … A 10-year-old girl was suspended from the same school after pretending to point imaginary boobs at a friend.

  2. Apparently over 200,000 people have signed up with a Dutch company potentially to be the first settlers to colonize Mars. Though to be fair, have to wonder how many of those signups were done by folks who secretly volunteered relatives or in-laws?

  3. They say never lick a sign-post when it’s freezing outside, for obvious reasons. This also applies in the bedroom, with frigid wives. No use getting thuck.

  4. Chrysler has recalled 1.2 Million Dodge Ram pickup trucks for steering problems. What I want to know is why would 1.2 million people buy a car with “DODGE,” “RAM,” written all over it.

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