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  1. Chris Brown was arrested again for assault. You would think Brown’s career would be in jeopardy, but the hits keep on coming!

  2. NJ Gov. Chris Christie visited a local corn maze yesterday. Apparently, he thought at the end of the maze there would be a block of cheese.

  3. WIFE: Why don’t you try being something new this Halloween?
    WILL: Like what?
    WIFE: Why don’t you try being a man?

  4. Shaquille O’Neal has endorsed NJ Governor Chris Christie. Makes sense–Shaq liked dunking the basketball and Christie enjoys dunkin’ donuts.

  5. Gary: Thanks, y’all. The Southerner’s Handbook says traditions are worth upholding. But not slavishly, mind you.

  6. I went to a nude beach in St. Tropaz, where numerous Super Models work on their tans. Unfortunately, I sustained serious injury…acute whiplash.

  7. A man running in the Kansas City Marathon knitted a 12-foot scarf. A new world’s record … He could have easily done 13 feet, but only had 12 shoes.

  8. Frankly, I’m very concerned about my little grandson. Lot’s of 4-year-old’s have trouble sharing their toys, and often yell “MINE!” Unfortunately, tiny Frank is taking it a step further when he screams: “Mein Kamft!”

  9. The University of Missouri’s place kicker has been taking a lot of grief since he missed a field goal try in overtime and his team lost. But some people are rallying behind him — he’s been getting support from the cast of the TV show “Jackass”. Which, oddly enough, is exactly what people have been calling him.

  10. The state of Ohio has run out of the stuff they use for executions, so they’re having to try something different: dog treats from China.

  11. My wife says that I am like a robot in bed. Just last night she screamed: “Give it to me, you Son of a Cyborg!”

  12. All those travel brochures you see in motels are being replaced with electronic kiosks. The kiosks give you a lot more information but it’s hell folding them up and stuffing them in the glove compartment.

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