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  1. Tori Spelling, the “Beverly Hills 90210” star, says financial difficulties kept her husband from getting a vasectomy. Spelling says she and her husband need to be more restrictive in their spending. Sometimes you have to make cuts in order to make cuts.

  2. The St. Louis Rams reportedly asked Brett Favre if he was interested in playing quarterback. At his age, the only hikes Favre should be getting are cost of living increases in Social Security.

  3. The Baltimore Ravens have reportedly accepted $130,000 to promote Obamacare. This is an ideal partnership–both have been major disappointments.

  4. Authorities are investigating an accidental discharge of a police AR-15 rifle at an elementary school in Chino, California, Wednesday morning injuring three kids … Apparently, when saying it wasn’t loaded, the cop meant his helmet.

  5. A Georgia man ran back into a burning house to save his beer. He felt it was too dangerous to enter the burning house a second time to get his wife and kids.

  6. A Canadian man spent $1,500 to contest a $100 parking ticket. Today he was named the Obama administration’s new Budget Director.

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