Yay or Neigh? — 14 Comments

  1. Police in Sweden said they are investigating a man’s allegations a woman stole money and food from his apartment and slapped him with a mackerel while he was sleeping. I don’t know-the man’s story sounds kinda fishy.

  2. NJ Gov. Chris Christie opposes same-sex marriage, but apparently has no objection to marriage between a person and a whale.

  3. A new report says that for health reasons men need to get out of the house twice a week to see their friends. In a related report, for health reasons women need men to get out of the house twice a week to see their friends.

  4. A 6-foot alligator was found by the sliding doors outside of a Walmart in Apopka, Fla. I bet he had more teeth than all the patrons inside combined.

  5. JILL: Are you still dating that 400-lb. cowgirl?
    WILL: I had to break it off. Just got tired of feeling bushwacked.

  6. The AMA says half of all Americans will be morbidly obese by 2030. This is why we’re legalizing marijuana … Every pothead is skinny as a rail.

  7. Fantex Holdings is selling stock in professional athletes. I bought some OJ Simpson shares …. Sure, he’s a bear now, but you can always count on “The Juice” for a lot of bull.

  8. Chris Christie says OK, gays can get married in New Jersey. There’s only one rule … If any wedding cake gets shoved in a face, It’s gotta be the governor’s face.

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