Good news/Bad news!

JERRY W says:

Good News and Bad News for today! The good news? The republicans have offered an increase to the budget debt limit, good until November 22nd. The bad news? They want Obama to fly to Dallas to sign the paperwork for it.


Good news/Bad news! — 4 Comments

  1. A singles study asks: Who fires things up in the bedroom? Women are initiating sex more often than ever before (49% in 2012 vs. 26% in 2011 and 38% in 2010). This looks like a bit of a roller coaster “ride.”

  2. An American scholar claims to have made a controversial discovery that proves the entire story of Jesus was made up by Roman aristocrats … Baloney! If that were true Jesus would have turned water into espresso, tossed five pizzas to feed 5000, and FIAT would win Indy every time.

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