New Mexico or Regular Mexico?


California is now issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Arizona, which is known for being tough on illegal immigrants, is thinking about doing the same thing. But Arizona’s licenses would have a limitation — they could only be used for driving back to Mexico.


New Mexico or Regular Mexico? — 8 Comments

  1. Apple has dropped its lawsuit against a German coffee shop over its similar fruit-shaped logo. The coffee shop had threatened to countersue because Apple maps was directing potential customers to Starbucks.

  2. Did you hear about the farmer who gave his farmhand free housing and a pumpkin? Yes, that’s right–free room and gourd.

  3. A nine-year-old boy snuck on a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas and wasn’t discovered until mid-flight. He would have made it all the way but for his generosity. He flipped a twenty at the stewardess and said, ‘Coke for me and a gin for the pilot.’ Everybody knows pilots drink vodka.

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