TP MFR SOL. LOL! — 11 Comments

  1. Martha Stewart tweeted that she was unhappy with Apple’s customer service when she sought help to fix her broken iPad. Martha Stewart is a millionaire–why didn’t she just buy a new iPad and transform the broken one into a decorative tray.

  2. A newly-opened Florida store specializes in zombie-related items. No thanks, I have no interest in Keith Richards memorabilia.

  3. A Pennsylvania farmer, who operates a Halloween haunted house on his property, said he will drop the option of walking nude through the attraction. Ironically, the patrons were scaring the ghosts and goblins.

  4. The Jacksonville Jaguars TV station that telecasts their games delivered an on screen apology that they had to carry the games as per their contract.

    So if a tree falls in the forest, and there’s no one there…….

  5. Nevada corrections officials say that OJ Simpson did not steal cookies in prison as previously reported. OJ has vowed to find the real thief.

  6. A comic book artist known for his work with Batman, Green Arrow and Green Lantern said he left tens of thousands of dollars worth of sketches in a New York cab. Well, we know he wasn’t distracted by thoughts of his girlfriend.

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