Godzilla might visit.


The 2020 Olympics has been awarded to Tokyo. The city was an early favorite but has been dealing with mounting worries over the Fukushima nuclear plant. Well, on a brighter note, we could end up with the first glow-in-the-dark Olympic medals.


Godzilla might visit. — 5 Comments

  1. Little known Disney fact: One horse on the King Arthur Carrousel has a gold tooth so Mrs. Disney could identify her favorite one … Ironically, that’s the same reason she had the cryogenics lab put a Goofy smile on Walt’s head.

  2. According to New York Magazine more and more modern women are using the “pull-out method” of birth control … That’s right, when they don’t want to get pregnant they just pull-out the VISA and Charge! Charge! Charge!

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