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  1. Since Miley Cyrus did her MTV show in flesh colored bra and panties, everybody is wearing flesh colored bra and panties in public, including Kirsty Alley … Of course with her it’s flesh “covered” bra and panties.

  2. Q Was Miley having simulated doggy-style?
    A Damn-straight.
    Q Is that OK viewing for pre-teens in the audience?
    A At least she wasn’t doing drugs. Or kissing Madonna.

  3. Who was the first rock star to show her tits?
    No, not Courtney Love or Madonna. None other than Wendy O. of the Plasmatics.

  4. Parents in Kentucky schools are complaining federal guidelines for kid’s lunches are bad tasting and stingy in size … Unfortunately all the concerned parents couldn’t get into the meeting as the cafeteria door is only 5 axe handles wide.

  5. Been on the road lately? Prius drivers are the worst … They think the wiggle of their ammeter is more seductive than the wiggle of Miley Cyrus.

  6. After today’s Johnny Manziel decision, the NCAA would like to disabuse anyone of the notion that they would let a star player get away with actual murder. Any player linked to such a serious crime would absolutely be disciplined, the day after his bowl game.

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