Filner-ific (part two) — 12 Comments

  1. LPGA Women’s Canadian Open leader Christie Kerr messed up a shot yesterday when someone slammed the door of a port-a-potty on her back swing. PGA fans would’ve yelled “Baba-Pooey”.

    Ok, it’s a crappy joke. Just wanted to start the weekend with some toilet humor.

  2. Lines at Heathrow are much longer than usual following information that Al-Qaeda terrorists were planning to hide bombs in women’s breast implants. Dolly Parton alone went through 22 separate pat downs.

  3. Major League Baseball has agreed to add video replay challenges next year. All games will be under NSA surveillance and disputed calls will be reviewed by Edward Snowden somewhere in Russia.

  4. Former disgraced Chinese Communist Party official Bo Xilai’s trial has begun. Bo Knows Bribery, Bo Knows Murder and Bo Knows Extortion are among the charges. Sources say that he will be found guilty, so get ready for “Bo Knows Bars – Prison Bars”.

  5. Bradley Manning, sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified military documents, says he is a women trapped in a man’s body … Turns out he wasn’t committing treason. It was just girl talk.

    Bradley (Chelsea) Manning’s biggest regret: Not having Cher as a mom.

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