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  1. The mayor of Egg Harbor, N.J., has to sell his house there because its property taxes are too high. He can no longer support his own government in the style to which it’s accustomed.

  2. The number of people reportedly sick from consuming food at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition has reached over 100. The investigation is focusing on the “Cronut Burger”. The number of people who are nauseous from just looking at a picture of this creation are in the thousands.

    Restaurant chain Jack in the Box says they have no plans to add this item to their menu. Ever.

    Taco Bell says, “only 100?” Hmmmmm.

  3. My cute blonde neighbor caught me watching her wiggling around, doing yardwork in her Daisy Dukes. When came struting over, and she raised a hand to slap me, I responded: “Put up your Dukes, and I’ll stop spying.”

  4. Army Private Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking material to WikiLeaks, and now he says he wants to live as a woman. I’m for it. If I had to spend 35 years in prison, I know I’d want to spend it in a women’s prison.

  5. An Ohio man lay on an emergency room gurney for 45 minutes with no heartbeat, then miraculously came back to life … The guy was dead, but God told him the Browns might score this year.

  6. Bankrupt Detroit is spending over $400 Million on a new hockey arena … Detroiters are behind it cause bamboozled kinda sounds like Zamboni.

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