You really have to hand it to her. — 13 Comments

  1. Two nuns were riding their bicycles down a very bumpy cobblestone street when Sister Mary asked “Do you think we’re lost?”, Sister Margaret slowly replied “I’ve never come this way before”. With a smile, Sister Mary said, “It’s o.k., what happens on a bike ride stays on a bike ride, but we still have to find our way back to the monastery”.

  2. The Al-Jazeera News network has replaced Current TV with 24 hours of news each day they say will not be Arabic agenda driven. To prove it they’ll have a few Jewish newscasters, who should be easy to find because they’ll be wearing bright yellow arm bands and have a banner over their desks that says “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

  3. Not say’in my wife has gotten big as a truck…she’s more of a cross-over.

    The UK is about as bankrupt as Detroit. Last week the Brits even held a Scotland Yard Sale…

  4. A-Rod got hit with a pitch Saturday … It seems one of the side effects of PEDs is other players don’t like you.

  5. The people of San Diego are OK with the mayor … They figure if his hand’s in their pocket, he’s not after money.

  6. The Science Channel has a show called the “World’s Dirtiest Man.” They had to change it to the “World’s Second Dirtiest Man” after hearing about the mayor of San Diego.

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