You really have to hand it to her.

JERRY W says:

In an interview with a blind prostitute who was fired by a brothel in Nevada, the woman said the reason she was let go and cause of the permanent look of surprise on her face could be explained in exactly the same words, “I never did see it coming”.


You really have to hand it to her. — 13 Comments

  1. Two nuns were riding their bicycles down a very bumpy cobblestone street when Sister Mary asked “Do you think we’re lost?”, Sister Margaret slowly replied “I’ve never come this way before”. With a smile, Sister Mary said, “It’s o.k., what happens on a bike ride stays on a bike ride, but we still have to find our way back to the monastery”.

  2. The Al-Jazeera News network has replaced Current TV with 24 hours of news each day they say will not be Arabic agenda driven. To prove it they’ll have a few Jewish newscasters, who should be easy to find because they’ll be wearing bright yellow arm bands and have a banner over their desks that says “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

  3. Not say’in my wife has gotten big as a truck…she’s more of a cross-over.

    The UK is about as bankrupt as Detroit. Last week the Brits even held a Scotland Yard Sale…

  4. A-Rod got hit with a pitch Saturday … It seems one of the side effects of PEDs is other players don’t like you.

  5. The people of San Diego are OK with the mayor … They figure if his hand’s in their pocket, he’s not after money.

  6. The Science Channel has a show called the “World’s Dirtiest Man.” They had to change it to the “World’s Second Dirtiest Man” after hearing about the mayor of San Diego.

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