If the joke’s a hit, you must acquit. — 16 Comments

  1. The pudgy Campbells Kids characters have been put on a diet. Look for the svelte, condensed versions this fall…

  2. Heeeeere’s Johnny, There’s Johnny, Everywhere’s Johnny:

    The manufacturer of NCAA footballs, Wilson, has shipped its annual order of 10,000 balls. When they arrived at NCAA headquarters, they were all signed by Johnny Manziel.

    There is a rumour on campus that all of Johnny’s term papers and exams were written with “Sharpies”.

    Tiger opened his locker at the PGA Championship this morning and inside were 3 dozen brand new Nike balls, all signed by Johnny Football.

  3. Women never ask: “Does this dress make my boobs look too big?
    Men never ask: “Does this 14-strand comb-over make me look like a pathetic fool?

  4. A Florida man killed his wife and posted a picture of her dead body on Facebook. Later turned out to be bogus when the man quickly explained he accidently “Liked” a picture of Joan Rivers.

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