Ewwww… — 12 Comments

  1. It’s only fair that China consider dropping its one-child policy. The Chinese should have a chance to listen to as many screaming kids at shopping centers as the rest of us.

  2. Jeez, Weather Channel! Can you really have “Favorite Xtreme-Hurricane-Moments?” My girlfriend Dinah Mite.

  3. This is awkward, but my girlfriend says she just isn’t a Morning Person. You’d think with a name like Dawn…

  4. Ashton Kutcher got so into the character of Steve Jobs he had to be rushed to the emergency room … Apparently Kutcher found it overwhelming acting like he had a triple digit IQ.

    Not only that, in order to find a nurse old enough to sooth him the hospital had to call in a retiree.

  5. First Twinkies came back. Now the new owners of Drake’s say they will resurrect Drake’s Coffee Cake, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings and Yodels next month … Can Anna Nicole Smith be far behind?

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