Climate change has a benefit. — 12 Comments

  1. A local women’s wear store has created some waves by placing a sign in it’s Plus Size area stating “Whale Area”. A few ladies who shop that category filed a complaint. In Canada, there are no discrimination laws for weight, only race, religion and gender. Greenpeace stepped up though, and granted these women “endangered species” status.

  2. I “heart” the East Bay!

    According to, the world’s three most unfriendly cities are 1. Newark NJ; 2. Islamabad, Pakistan; 3. Oakland CA. Another report from Forbes states that Seattle is the most miserable sports town in the country.

    Oakland International Airport is now planning Express Welcome Lanes especially for Newark, Seattle and Pakistani migrants.

  3. Boeing will take an old 747 in trade towards a brand new 747-8 … I tried to trade in my old United Airlines 747 but they wouldn’t take it. Said it was always late and the cockpit cup holder was stained with bourbon.

  4. There’s a ratio between big-league baseball players’ salaries and what fans pay for. A team offloads a big salary and right away the stadium’s $10 hot dog gets a little bigger than your little finger.

  5. Two squirrels going at it: “Chitter, chitter, bang-bang.”

    I want to lead, but I lack specific talents. I’m like a 4-Star Generalist…

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