Stand whose ground? — 13 Comments

  1. A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, Paula Dean. They’re dropping like flies … At this rate the only roll model left will be Bisquick.

  2. Hillary Clinton is way ahead in the polls for 2016, in both parties … In fact, she’s so far ahead she’s started calling herself “Hillary Danger.”

  3. An artist in China’s Guangdong province has painted thousands of Van Gogh copies … So many, all the kids at the local sweat shop are hard of hearing.

  4. Just read movie review of the new Wolverine movie. Guess it’s OK, but they didn’t quite “nail” it…

  5. Even though Anthony Weiner had a slip off the wagon, his wife insists her husband is a new man. At least he will be after she divorces Anthony.

  6. Pick your poison: Open Mike Night as a performer or an audience member. Cheap Boo’s or Cheap Booze…

  7. I once saw a guy doing a bit about using the urinal. Bad! It was a case of that bird getting no bush tonight.

  8. The City of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy citing $18 billion in debt. They did however manager to scrounge up enough bucks to post a huge sign that says “Welcome Daniel Alfredsson, We accept Swedish Kronas”

  9. OJ is asking The Nevada Parole Board for leniency on his conviction. He claims that he’s been a model prisoner and has reached out to other troubled football players. Simpson said he even sent a copy of “Getting Away With Murder For Dummies” to Hernandez for Christmas.

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