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  1. Two mostly-different heroes – Superman and Batman – will be in the same movie. Though one’s from Krypton and one’s from Earth, one flies and the other swings, they have the same tailor.

  2. A non-scientific study reveals that the intelligence of the target audience of a commercial on the radio is inversely proportional to the number of times they repeat their contact phone number at the end of the ad.

  3. Beaming from the success on passing legislation on abortion clinics, Texas Governor Rick Perry is considering calling a special session of the legislature to aid enticing businesses to move to Texas by repealing Ohm’s law. Texas political analysts predict there will be little resistance in the legislature.

  4. Cheap hotels often provide a percussive lullaby on the wall directly behind your head. Lullaby on broad way.

  5. Amanda Bynes is in an involuntary psychiatric lockdown after starting a fire in an L.A. driveway. Alas, poor Amanda. It takes a really cool cop to get the Hendrix channeling.

  6. Since acquittal, George Zimmerman has received many, many crank calls, but it boils down to just two main ones … Those who want to kill him, and those who want to give him a really, really big penis.

  7. Just like being married, sun-exposurer is all about the time you spend together: There is sun-kissed, and at the other end, getting burnt to a crisp. Personally, I live on the Sun…

  8. Asiana Airlines lands short! Southwest collapses a nose gear! They say these things happen in threes, so I guess the next air catastrophe belongs to United …. Your luggage will land at the RIGHT airport.

  9. A British survey said 62% of women and 48% of men have answered the phone during sex. Wonder what percentage of them responded “Honey, I’ll be right home.”

  10. The royal baby’s full name is His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. How will he fit that name on a job application–oh, nevermind.

  11. The average bra size has risen to 34DD even though boob size had not increased. I think the numbers are padded.

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