Can’t blink, either. — 11 Comments

  1. A NJ man is in custody after he dressed as a butterfly and arranged to have sex with an underaged girl. Authorities threw a net over him and took him away.

  2. A man who gave his children Nazi-inspired names lost custody of his infant son. It’s so sad he won’t see his son take his first goose-steps.

  3. I work for a Chocolate Lab in Michigan. Working for a dog is a drag…don’t believe that Man’s Best Friend crap.

  4. “Spiderman” actor Andrew Garfield suggested that Spiderman be gay. I think the Caped Crusader should be gay since he is clearly a “bat-man.”

    Actually Spiderman swings both ways.

  5. “Penn State board authorizes school to pay millions to Sandusky victims.” I wonder if they’ll pay by the inch?

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