Texans value Life. And Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Really? Gov. Perry says he is calling a special session on that abortion bill because “Texans value life.” On the same day that the state has executed its 500th inmate since they reinstated the death penalty in 1982.


Texans value Life. And Hungry Hungry Hippos. — 5 Comments

  1. North Carolina passed a law demanding abortions be performed in an official operating room … North Carolina, where the official drink is Milk, the official dog is the Plott Hound and the official dating service is “Cousin Mingle.”

  2. China has passed a law that requires children to visit their parents regularly. That’s not a problem in this household, as the 30 to 40 yr olds that live here come upstairs at least 3 times a day to be fed.

  3. Happy July 4th to all our friends in the US of A!!!!! [The land of the free and the home of the Atlanta Braves!]

    Have a great and safe holiday weekend y’all!

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