Rushin’ to the bathroom, maybe. — 9 Comments

  1. At 30, my wife was a glitter cannon of sex and passion. Three decades later, she is merely a bomb that fizzles my fuse.

  2. When Scott Thorson attended the reading of Liberace’s will, he was surprised that he didn’t get the entire estate. As he explained in court, “Everyone knows that I was the driving force behind Liberace, anyone that knows us can tell you I was behind him 24-7 and working as hard as I could”.

  3. A New York teen named Arvin Mahankali has won this year’s Spelling Bee contest by correctly spelling “knaidel”. He said he knew it because it was his favorite tennis player.

  4. A west coast NCAA Women’s Golf Team has fined one of their players for washing her car using the golf course amenities. Damn good thing she wasn’t caught showering with the coach.

  5. A Hong Kong Starbucks is accused of using toilet water to make their coffee … Customers became suspicious because every time they took a swig, it went down counter-clockwise.

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