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  1. Texas Governor Rick Perry (a.k.a. Perry, Rick, or as some call him, P.Rick) wants Texas to not provide Medicaid expansion. Some say this is harsh treatment for the poor with medical problems, others think it’s just his way to be sure that Texas never runs short on Soylent Green base material. Younger reader may need to google “Soylent Green”.

  2. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has announced she will not run for re-election next year, saying she needs to spend more time with her husband, Marcus. She denied that the legalization of same sex marriage in Minnesota has her worried that Marcus will leave her, saying that she’s positive that Marcus is not gay, and neither is his boyfriend.

  3. Walmart has agreed to pay $110 million in fines for polluting the environment. Most of the violations involved the tacky outfits Walmart’s customers wear to its stores.

  4. A passenger aboard An Alaska Airlines flight bound for Portland OR tried to open an airplane door on final approach. The man was given a psychiatric exam, as authorities could not figure out why anyone would be in a hurry to get to Portland.

  5. My wife is about an “8” on the vixen scale. That is, she doesn’t look too bad from about 8-feet away.

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