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  1. Minnesota Senator Al Franken, once thought to be a top GOP target, is now a heavy favorite to win re-election. Guess he’s good enough, smart enough, and people like him.

  2. A woman known as the “hot-dog hooker” from Long Island, NY, jailed for 7 days last year for selling sex out of her hot-dog truck, was busted again for prostitution yesterday. Maybe she should try a change of direction, like working on Anthony Weiner’s campaign.

  3. Trying to get my real estate business off the ground, I named it Sherlock Homes. Why it failed is…a mystery.

  4. What a crazy spring! First, it was really cold. Then it got really hot. Now there’s three feet of snow in upstate New York on Memorial Day. With all these mood swings, you have ask: Is Mother Nature pregnant?

  5. Renovating a house in small town Minnesota turned up a copy of Action Comics #1 from 1938, featuring the introduction of Superman … Reading the comic showed the Man of Steel started out like a lot of us, being a Man of “Steal.”

  6. Danica Patrick and her race-driver boyfriend crashed into each other at the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday night … It was almost like leaving the toilet seat up. She told him it was time for a pit stop and he whined he’d used deodorant that morning.

  7. Sergio Garcia says he hopes to meet up with Tiger Woods in person to apologize for his “fried chicken.” Many fans would prefer the two wait to meet up until “Celebrity Boxing.”

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