Boo hoo, Baba Wawa, Orange man! — 11 Comments

  1. The winning Powerball ticket was bought at a supermarket in South Florida. A clerk at the store says she remembers who bought the winning ticket — an old guy wearing a ball cap who drove with his left turn signal on all the time. That should narrow it down.

  2. Watching the tornadoes sweep across the U.S. on the Weather Channel, I realized that they were heading in the direction of my ex-wife in Indiana, and I wondered what I could possible do next. Then it hit me… I quickly jumped up and changed the channel so I could watch the reruns of “Big Bang Theory” until the 11 p.m. news comes on, and then I can find out if prayers actually work.

  3. Evan Mathis, a Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, peed on IRS property and posted a picture of it on Instagram. Mathis will probably be targeted for an audit–especially since he lines up right of center.

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