Well, they ARE a girl’s best friend. — 8 Comments

  1. A new poll shows that Jimmy Carter is the most trusted politician in America. So all it takes is to get booted out of office in one of the worst landslides in history then stay out of politics for 33 years.

  2. They say the burn scar from the wildfires near L.A. can be seen from space. But don’t worry. The scar is being attacked by a SWAT team of Hollywood plastic surgeons.

  3. People in Houston are breathing a bit easier these days. Last weekend, someone spotted a large snail that’s ugly, slimy, highly destructive and dangerous to people. But fortunately it left town after giving a speech at the NRA convention.

  4. The Catholic League doesn’t like David Bowie’s new video, “The Next Day” because he makes fun of priests, nuns, and Christ … Well, you know what they say about the very best humor: It’s just holding up a mirror.

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