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A letter laced with the deadly poison ricin was sent to President Obama, and the FBI says it came from an Elvis impersonator in Mississippi. He was easy to track down. The FBI just took the letter and wrote upon it: “Return to Sender. Address unknown. No such number. No such zone.”


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  1. It was a rare opportunity to share pleasant memories when all five living presidents met at the George W. Bush presidential library inauguration yesterday in Dallas. Sadly, that came to a screeching halt when the elder George Bush snapped his fingers twice and told President Obama to run down to the bar and fetch him a cold drink.

  2. As a parent you try to put a positive spin on your kid’s brushes with the law. “Daughter Jessica has lately discovered that she looks bitch’in wearing an orange one-piece…”

  3. Visited the new George W. Bush library yesterday. It was beautiful and everything was state of the art. Except the water fountains … Every time I pushed the button I felt an overwhelming need to confess.

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