Pluto doesn’t get a day. — 9 Comments

  1. Oregon judge sends juror to jail for texting during armed-robbery trial … Very distracting for the other jurists but worse than that, he tweeted the judge double bogied the ninth.

  2. There have been several flight delays on the East Coast due to FAA controllers being furloughed with sequestration budget cuts. Can’t we schedule these furloughs where they are most deserved – at whatever time members of Congress are trying to fly home for the weekend?

  3. Apparently, Reese Witherspoon was beligerent when her husband was arrested for DUI. She asked the cop “Do you know who I am???” He replied, “Yes, you’re Al Michaels”.

    • Actually there will be a few shelves, one will be for autographed copies of “My Pet Goat” that will be for sale, the other for George’s private book collection. There will be lots of empty space on that second one since he only owns two books, and that’s if you include the one that isn’t finished being colored in yet.

  4. Teens are into The Cinnamon Challenge these days, a youtube inspired bit of lunacy that involves downing a spoonful of cinnamon and exhaling a red cloud. Unfortunately, collapsed lungs and death have resulted from this dare, but, hey, you gotta spice things up sometimes, Bro.

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