A great invention.

TC in BC says:

This summer will mark the 40th anniversary of the GPS, which was invented by one time Stanford professor Dr. Bradford Parkinson. His fellow scientists want the 78yr old to be recognized this year, but no one knows how to find him.


A great invention. — 9 Comments

    • We lost Annette Funicello and Margaret Thatcher on the same day. One was synonymous with The Mickey Mouse Club, and the other was Prime Minister of a Mickey Mouse govt.

  1. When Ohio State let their mascot, “Brutus Buckeye”, run a play at quarterback during spring practice he got leveled by a linebacker. The tackle was a real nut-crusher.

  2. My wife looked at me in bed, and said: “You are built like a Rhino. You’ve got a big nose, sweetie.”

  3. President apologized for calling Kamala Harris “best looking attorney general in the country.” He should also promise to spit whenever he hears her name from now on.

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