Not much of a Triumph, eh? — 13 Comments

  1. Finally saw the teen hit “Hunger Games” last night. By the end of this sad excuse for cinema, I felt like doing some Mocking Jay walking across the express-way.

  2. The Cubs are planning a $150 million renovation at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve new players.

  3. This summer will mark the 40th anniversary of the GPS, which was invented by one time Stanford professor Dr. Bradford Parkinson. His fellow scientists want the 78yr old to be recognized this year, but no one knows how to find him.

  4. Greek soccer player Giorgos Katidis has received a lifetime national team ban for celebrating a goal with a Nazi salute. He claimed to be unaware that his gesture was associated with Nazi Germany.

    Analogy: That’s like drivers in BC not realizing that the one fingered salute is a normal daily greeting of endearment to fellow drivers, bikers and pedestrians.

  5. It was 500 years ago this week that Ponce de Leon waded ashore on a Florida beach and came across a group of strange looking, naked people. The first spring break.

  6. A 18-pound tortoise named Cashew who disappeared from a museum in Dubuque, Iowa, was found alive and in good health two days later in a building elevator. Officials believe the tortoise was stolen and then returned. Which would be easier to explain than her just having run away.

  7. Stages of Man: At 25 B&B is Boobs & Butts.
    At 45 B&B is Baseball & Beer. At 60 B&B brings to mind Bald & Broke with a Bitchy Broad. Blah.

  8. In response to Tiger’s controversial ad, “Winning takes care of everything”, his ex, Elin is releasing her own version. “A 9-iron takes care of everything”.

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