If the weigh-in is AFTER the flight. — 9 Comments

  1. Paris Hilton just had a birthday and is she old … She’s been around so long, her publicist is thinking of selling her to Hostess.

    … She’s been around so long, she’s going from social media straight to social security.

  2. Wonder if President Obama expects any pushback to his $100M brain- mapping project? He should know the brain deniers have already formed an opposition task force. Call themselves the GOP.

  3. The best beer prices at MLB Parks this year are $4 at Cleveland’s Progressive Field and $5 for Arizona and Houston. The beer is not Schlitz, but their teams are.

  4. The Carnival Triumph, which was being repaired in Mobile, Ala after breaking down in February, has apparently broke loose Wednesday from its moorings. Maybe after all the coverage on CNN the ship just wanted to go away and hide.

  5. Now that Mark Sanford is engaged to the woman he had an affair with, have to figure the chance of her letting him go hiking alone are about the same as Kobe Bryant’s wife suggesting he order room service.

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