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  1. A study shows that being pregnant with a girl will increase a woman’s breast size by almost an inch more than being pregnant with a boy. Thank heaven for little girls.

  2. Here is the problem with my marriage…in the lingo of a Plastic Surgeon, When I married Sharon she looked like “AFTER,” and now she definitely looks “BEFORE.”

  3. North Korea’s leader asked Dennis Rodman to take a message to President Obama. You see, the North Koreans thought he had a connection to Obama through the Clintons. Imagine their embarrassment when they discovered that Rodman isn’t related to Hillary.

  4. Dennis Rodman recently went to North Korea and achieved very positive results politically for the U.S. when he met up with Kim Jong Un, who always liked basketball. Based on those results, the State Department of the U.S. is now considering sending Ron Jeremy to Russia to meet Valerie Putin, who has always liked screwing people.

  5. Taylor Swift has sold the Massachusetts home she reportedly bought to be near ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy. If Swift bought a home to be near each of her ex-boyfriends, that could explain the housing market recovery.

  6. Filmed in Detroit, “Oz, the Great and Powerful,” sends a heart-warming message that there’s no-place like crack-home.

    • Um…thanks. Embarassed, but just to cover my ass: My X thinks my IP Adress is Imbillsill Person. She even spelled it wrong!

  7. Tiger is leading after the first round of The Cadillac Championship. Important numbers after day 1:

    9 birdies
    3 bogeys
    0 fire hydrants damaged with his courtesy Escalade
    0 trees backed into with vehicle
    0 rear widows smashed by Swedish blond women

  8. Be careful what you post on YouTube…current and potential employers frown on Harlem Shake videos shot in a grave yard, no matter how tastefully done.

  9. Sports Headline today: Derek Jeter declares himself 100% healed. Sounds like he may have visited Ernest Angely. Someone gave me an Ernest Angely CD a while ago. It wouldn’t play because the hole in the middle kept healing itself.

  10. The College of Cardinals is so focused on picking the next Pope that they probably won’t make the NCAA tournament.

  11. I’ve ben hearing for several months that Hooters is test-marketing in selected locations adding some muscular men in spandex bathing suits to their staff to bring in more women and couples. It’s hard to understand why they haven’t tried this before. Women will certainly appreciate the impression they are trying to make. May bring in some gays as well.

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