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  1. Carrie Fisher, on the wrong side of 60, will be reprising her role as Princess Leia in the seventh Star Wars film. OH, GOD! NOT THE GOLD BIKINI!

  2. The University Of Maryland recently studied the differences between men’s and women’s brains. They determined the brains are remarkably similar but for one thing … Women don’t want to see women naked.

  3. Former Los Angeles Archbishop Cardinal Roger Mahony has suggested a new way for priests to be more closely connected with the Altar boys who sometimes, literally, must give their all to their superiors. Starting next Easter, the boys will have to hide the host somewhere in their robes, and then a blindfolded priest will be given 24 hours to find it.

  4. Back in Victoria Times, women paid to have ribs removed, to give them a wasp-waist. I can’t even get my wife, Shammo, to remove BRBQ ribs from her mouth.

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