At least there’s no horsemeat. Or is there? — 13 Comments

  1. There is a story going around that Allegheny College is teaching a course in masturbation … Well, it’s not a course in masturbation per se. It’s more a course in Republicans running for president.

  2. Beginning in the year 2020, the sport of Wrestling, a major part of the Olympics since the first games, will no longer be an Olympic event. But have no fear athletic supporters, both Synchronized Swimming and Ribbon Twirling will continue to be the extreme sporting events that they are today.

  3. One day you wake up and have to admit 60 year’s old cannot be middle-aged, unless you somehow manage to live to be 120.

  4. Executives from several oil companies were injured in a multi car pileup on the freeway leading to the airport. First reports indicate that they had thrown piles of cash to speed up their drivers in a bid to get on the first flight to Venezuela in the event that country might stop their nationalization of the oil fields now that Hugo Chavez is dead.

  5. Want to get loads of calls from Southern-sounding ladies with no-nonsense voices? Try skipping your Sears Card payment for a week, and the magic begins!

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