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A woman was only slightly injured in Florida after she tried to preheat an oven where her friend had stored a magazine from his Glock. And then the heated magazine exploded. Forget background checks for gun owners, maybe we need to start with IQ tests.


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  1. Montana wants to make it legal to eat road kill. Be the first on your block to eat at Burger Kill, “Where it’s either playing possum or it’s dinner.”

  2. Esquire Magazine has published it’s annual “Worst Job” issue, and for the 5th year in a row the winner (or, maybe loser) is Donald Trump’s Proctologist. This quote from his doctor explains it all, “when I examine this a-hole, I can never be sure where to start or where to stop, even using that mass growing on his head as a guide”.

  3. Beppe Grillo, an Italian stand- up comic received 25% of Sunday’s national vote putting him right behind the clown in the race, Silvio Berlusconi. No word yet on how the ventriloquist fared.

  4. A Florida man was shot by his dog. This is a good example of why there needs to be stricter gun control laws. A background check would have revealed that the dog bit the mailman, dug holes in the neighbor’s garden, and humped the meter reader.

  5. A series of pornographic videos filmed in various public areas inside an Arizona airport have surfaced on the Internet. Remember the good old days when the only sexual activity at the airport was a TSA agent touching your junk.

  6. People all over Europe are complaining because horse meat was found in their food. It’s obvious straight away when you’ve eaten horse meat, you find yourself strangely drawn to guys named “Wilbur.”

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