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  1. Johnny Damon, 39, apparently would love a chance to play for the Yankees again in the wake of the injury to Curtis Granderson. To fit in with the rest of their team, New York, however, is presumably looking for someone with more experience.

  2. Rough month for the Vatican. Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien has resigned before the papal conclave, after 3 priests and a former priest alleged he tried to seduce them. Could be worse. At least the allegations involve adults.

  3. Furniture chain IKEA, which features in house restaurants, has removed meatballs from the menu in 13 European countries. Tests had found horse meat in the product. A radio announcement his morning on CBC by a Mr. Ed somebody, (didn’t catch his last name)said that Canadian stores are not affected.

  4. Holy temperamental, Batman! Lindsay Lohan will guest on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management show next month. In this episode Lindsay plays “Liz” to Charlie’s “Dick.”

  5. Volkswagen hopes its new Beetle will attract non-traditional buyers. To that end it comes with a special button marked “Magical Mystery Tour.”

  6. A woman was only slightly injured in Florida after she tried to preheat an oven where her friend had stored a magazine from his Glock. And then the heated magazine exploded. Forget background checks for gun owners, maybe we need to start with IQ tests.

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