He sees eye to eye with Sammy Davis Jr., though. — 7 Comments

  1. Some French “gourmets” are recommending horse meat, saying it has less fat, is tender and more flavorful than beef. Of course, you would be more tender too, if someone was whipping your ass while you ran around in a circle.

  2. Sunday the Pope blessed thousands in St.Peter’s Square but I don’t think his heart was in it. He kept referring to his pamphlet from the AARP: “Arian Association of Retired Popes.”

  3. President Obama played golf with Tiger Woods over the weekend. Tiger was a little unnerved because every time the Prez addressed the ball he’d yell, “Pull!”

  4. Gas prices hit an all-time high in LA this month. It was so bad Charlie Sheen could only afford to drive from his bedroom to his medicine cabinet.

  5. A pizza place owner in Virginia is giving a discount to anyone bringing a gun into his restaurant. Just bring in a gun and the price of your pizza will be reduced by all the money in the cash register.

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